Assistance with divorce, alimony

Divorce is associated not only with the collapse of the family, but with a break legal relationship between two people that can be associated with many difficulties: the division of property, child obligations that existed in the marriage. In addition, it happens that the divorce procedure itself quite difficult and requires legal assistance.

Our experts on family law and civil records management can represent the interests in court, and also help to reach agreement on the maximum number of points to significantly simplify the procedure of divorce and division of property, child, business shares and others.

The second task that usually requires a lawyer — issues related to child support alimony, as well as other benefits that may be appointed by the court in respect of former spouses (care for the common disabled child, payments to former wife during pregnancy and 3 years after the birth of a common child, a disabled spouse in need of payment in certain cases, spouses need to pensioners).

Regarding alimony, often requires assistance to both parties, as is almost always one of the parties or unwilling to pay court-ordered child support, even (not to mention all sorts of tricks at the time of their appointment), or on the contrary, the offended parties are trying to recover unreasonably large the amount from their former spouses, using any pretext, and including the legal unprepared.

Confin specialists will be happy to assist you in solving the problems related to divorce and child support. In case of any difficulty, we recommend you at least consult by phone or schedule a free consultation with a view to determine whether to take action and develop a strategy. We understand that the disintegration of the family — a very delicate and difficult time psychologically, and try to be understanding all the arguments given by you.

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