About us

Law Office Confin was founded in 2009 from the Commonwealth of experienced lawyers working in the field of financial consulting, audit and optimization services for legal entities. Almost immediately after the formation of the company, its scope of activities has been expanded to the entire spectrum of legal services for individuals.

St. Petersburg operates a large number of legal and consulting companies, but we faced with a very high demand for the quality of such services. Many people and companies needs the qualified help of experienced specialists and could not find a company that suits them by price, or one that they could trust. The most of them failed to get timely and necessary assistance before applying to us.

Several years after, the experience of our lawyers allowsy us to work in the field of criminal law — one of the most important and complex.

After 5 years, we are confident about the future and see that our knowledge and extensive experience will enable us to continue to help people in achieving their goals, to become happy and prosperous.

We are pleased that our services are not overpriced and will try to become more profitable and more comfortable!

How we work

Usually, work with us starts with a phone call, online form application or an office visit — the primary consultation.

If you are planning the visit to our office, first you have to make an appointment by phone. Please call or before the first visit to us, be prepared to talk, analyze all the details of your case. To communicate with our specialists more exactly you need to prepare a copies of your existing documents or provide information on the decisions made by the relevant authorities and services.

During the consultation, we will determine the required sphere of a lawyer is required to you, determine the aporoximate price of our services and additional costs (fees, other costs), possible options and solutions for the case. After selecting the strategy, you will be able to sign the contract and start working with us.

As a general recommendation, we advise you not to wait with a call or visit to a lawyer. It will save your time, possibilities to solve the situation and money. Also the earliest knowledge and support, may be the key for the further decisions.

We will be happy to help you!